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The Bedroom Chamber is committed to helping women of all sizes, shapes, and colors to believe that ordinary bodies... are extraordinary bodies. We convince them by featuring everyday women in our photoshoots, finding innovative ways to counter insecurities linked to body image, and selecting intimates that flatter the bodies of traditional women.

Here in “The Chamber”, we celebrate fupas, tiger stripes, dimples, cellulite, birthmarks, vitiligo, A cups, G cups, extra smalls, plus sizes and everything in between- because we truly believe that individualism is exquisite! The Bedroom Chamber embraces the beautiful imperfections that make every woman uniquely attractive. We stand behind our belief in the diverse body by selecting extraordinary women from our communities to model our intimates.


Our products are uniquely appealing, high in quality, and flattering to a diversity of body types. We choose items that are durable and suitable for multi- wear.

Image by Fahad Waseem

Our Promise

We promise to always make our selections with the customer in mind and will consistently choose options that cater to a variety of figures.

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